The Cup Competitions 2018 / 19

The cup draws for Season 2018 / 19 took place on 6th August 2018
by five members of the League Management Commitee.

All rounds were drawn at random.

Please click on the links below to see the layout of each competition.

Cup Competitions

Arthur Boswell Cup


Queens Arms 3 - 2 Duckpond

School Lane, Lawford

Charles Hewitt Memorial League Cup

12th May 2019

CO4 Ultras 4 aet 4 Vikings Flag
Vikings Flag win the penalty shootout 5 - 3

All first xi's in the league.
(Premier & first division sides enter in round three.)

The Fowler Memorial Cup

5th May 2019

Harts 0 - 3 Duckpond

All first xi's in the premier & first division.

Ernie Osborne Challenge Cup

28th April 2019

CO4 Ultras 4 - 1 Ramsey & Mistley Res

All first xi's in divisions two & three, plus all reserve
teams whose first team is not in this competition.

Terry Martin Trophy

21st April 2019

Colchester Crusaders 2 - 3 Riverbank Athletic

All first xi's in the bottom division, plus all
reserve teams in the league.

Wally Castle Invitational Trophy

19th May 2019

Sokretez Res 0 - 3 Colchester Crusaders

An additional competition, open to clubs invited by the League Management Committee.

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