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Welcome to the complete Cup Competition Winners Archive.

The table below lists the winners and runners-up of every cup competition for every season since the league began back in season 1966/67.

You can use the filters at the top of the table to find winners & runners-up by individual competitions or seasons, or by filtering the names of the teams or even the referee.

(Please note: Seasons 2019/20 & 2020/21 both started but were abandoned due to lockdowns imposed because of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic. All results from matches played were expunged.)
Fowler Memorial Cup
Ruby Challenge Cup
Arthur Boswell Cup
Ernie Osborne Challenge Cup
Terry Martin Trophy
Wally Castle Trophy
Charles Hewitt Memorial League Knockout Cup

ABC2022-23Queens ArmsFifteen DegreesJ Watson
EOCC2022-23SokretezVikingsR Baker
FMC2022-23CO4 UltrasSunday ShrimpersE Adeeko
CHMLC2021-22Fifteen DegreesQueens ArmsJ Watson
EOCC2021-22Old Saints UtdCO4 Ultras ResS Bowey
FMC2021-22Fifteen DegreesSunday ShrimpersJ Watson
RCC2021-22Queens ArmsSunday ShrimpersD Byrne
TMT2021-22CO4 Ultras ResPathfields ResA Robinson
WCT2021-22Clacton RangersKings ParkS Lewis
ABC2018-19Queens ArmsDuckpondS Lewis
CHMLC2018-19Vikings FlagCO4 UltrasJ Watson
EOCC2018-19CO4 UltrasRamsey & Mistley ResJ Watson
FMC2018-19DuckpondHartsE Souter
TMT2018-19Riverbank AthleticColchester CrusadersR Baker
WCT2018-19Colchester CrusadersSokretez ResL Miller
ABC2017-18AFC PegasusDuckpondL Farthing
CHMLC2017-18AFC PegasusQueens ArmsJ Watson
EOCC2017-18HighwaymenFifteen DegreesE Souter
FMC2017-18MarquisDuckpondR Baker
TMT2017-18CO4 UltrasThorpmundL Farthing
WCT2017-18Romania AthleticCity SaintsG Sleigh
ABC2016-17AFC PegasusRamsey MillB Forbes
CHMLC2016-17AFC PegasusSt JohnsD Cook
EOCC2016-17FlagVikingsA Hursey
FMC2016-17AFC PegasusSt JohnsP Kitson
TMT2016-17FlagTiptree ParkA Farmer
WCT2016-17DuckpondSunday ShrimpersL Bomela
ABC2015-16DuckpondFC ByairL Bomela
CHMLC2015-16AFC PegasusRamsey MillE Souter
EOCC2015-16Wormingford WanderersVagabondsC Green
FMC2015-16FC ByairCorecalonaR Baker
TMT2015-16VagabondsPathfieldsJ Closier
ABC2014-15BotolphsAFC PegasusA Arnot
CHMLC2014-15FC ByairDuckpondR Baker
EOCC2014-15Brightlingsea RegentBridgelinkM Ainger
FMC2014-15CorecalonaSunday ShrimpersL Farthing
TMT2014-15Competition not played.
WCT2014-15AFC PegasusDuckpondL Miller
ABC2013-14BotolphsAFC PegasusS Lewis
CHMLC2013-14AFC PegasusBotolphsA Wolton
EOCC2013-14Sunday ShrimpersBridgelinkE Souter
FMC2013-14FC ByairBotolphsS Bowey
TMT2013-14FC Byair Res.AFC Pegasus Res.M Ainger
WCT2013-14FC Byair Res.The MillL Bomela
ABC2012-13FC ByairBotolphsA Arnot
CHMLC2012-13AFC PegasusBotolphsS Bowey
EOCC2012-13Sunday ShrimpersAFC Pegasus Res.S Vacean
FMC2012-13BotolphsCorecalonaA Arnot
TMT2012-13Bayern Monkwick Res.AFC Pegasus Res.R Bowman
WCT2012-13St EdmundsWALK OVER-
ABC2011-12BotolphsSC KelvedonC Green
CHMLC2011-12BotolphsAFC PegasusB Forbes
EOCC2011-12The FriarAFC Pegasus Res.S Bowey
FMC2011-12BotolphsAFC PegasusS Lewis
TMT2011-12AFC Pegasus Res.Corecalona Res.E Souter
WCT2011-12Bayern MonkwickAFC LexdenL Miller
ABC2010-11BTS PhoenixAFC PegasusA Arnot
CHMLC2010-11BotolphsTolleshunt DarcyS Lewis
EOCC2010-11The FriarTiptree JobserveM Ainger
FMC2010-11Bayern Monkwick Res.CorecalonaM Tant
RCC2010-11BotolphsAFC PegasusC Green
TMT2010-11SC Kelvedon Res.Bayern Monkwick Res.A Arnot
WCT2010-11Competition not played.
ABC2009-10AFC PegasusAFC PhoenixC Townes
CHMLC2009-10AFC PhoenixBotolphsA Arnot
EOCC2009-10CBC AlresfordTiptree JobserveK Llewellyn
FMC2009-10Elmstead AthleticFC StrawsL Miller
RCC2009-10SC KelvedonAFC PhoenixS Bowey
TMT2009-10Bayern Monkwick Res.AFC Pegasus Res.R Bowman
WCT2009-10CorecalonaQuaysideS Lewis
ABC2008-09AFC PegasusAFC PhoenixC Townes
CHMLC2008-09AFC PegasusReal BTSK Llewellyn
EOCC2008-09CorecalonaAllstarsE Souter
FMC2008-09PrettygateDoverstonP Wareing
RCC2008-09AFC PhoenixReal BTSA Arnot
TMT2008-09Bayern Monkwick Res.AFC Pegasus Res.K McCarthy
WCT2008-09Colne StarCorecalonaC Green
ABC2007-08AFC PegasusAFC PhoenixK Llewellyn
CHMLC2007-08AFC PhoenixAFC PegasusS Woods
EOCC2007-08FC ByairStone IslandK Llewellyn
FMC2007-08Brightlingsea RegentOyster LegionD Brine
RCC2007-08AFC PhoenixKnights AllstarsS Lewis
TMT2007-08SC Kelvedon Res.St Edmunds Res.D Brine
WCT2007-08Colchester AthleticEastgatesC Townes
ABC2006-07Layer FoxAFC PegasusS Lewis
CHMLC2006-07AFC PegasusLayer FoxA Arnot
EOCC2006-07Colne StarAFC LexdenS Lewis
FMC2006-07Real BTSNorfolk DestroyersK Llewellyn
RCC2006-07RosebudAFC PhoenixS Woods
TMT2006-07AFC Pegasus Res.SC Kelvedon Res.G Fisher
WCT2006-07Knights AllstarsVilla RoyaleS Havell
ABC2005-06AFC PegasusTiptree MonarchsP Corcoran
CHMLC2005-06AFC PegasusAFC PhoenixS Woods
EOCC2005-06Fenn Wright AlbionAFC LexdenA Arnot
FMC2005-06Bayern MonkwickTollegionJ Morris
RCC2005-06Layer FoxAFC PhoenixD Brine
TMT2005-06AFC Pegasus Res.Northgate Ath. Res.G Brigden
WCT2005-06TollegionFCBN Thompson
ABC2004-05AFC PegasusTiptree MonarchsS Lewis
CHMLC2004-05AFC PegasusNorth Gate AthleticD Brine
EOCC2004-05Bayern MonkwickNorth Gate AthleticR Johnson
FMC2004-05AFC PegasusLayer FoxJ Buda
TMT2004-05AFC Pegasus Res.SC Kelvedon Res.G Ryder
WCT2004-05AFC PhoenixNorthgate Ath.K Llewellyn
ABC2003-04AFC PegasusFCBJ Farthing
CHMLC2003-04AFC PegasusSouthwayJ Gooding
EOCC2003-04Knights AllstarsNorth Gate AthleticC Townes
FMC2003-04AFC PegasusTiptree MonarchsD Brine
TMT2003-04AFC Pegasus Res.SC Kelvedon Res.R Bowman
WCT2003-04AFC PhoenixHighwoodsG Ryder
ABC2002-03Gas RecreationAFC PegasusS Woods
CHMLC2002-03AFC PegasusAllstar QuiltersR Oakes
EOCC2002-03Allstar QuiltersKnights AllstarsB Barton
FMC2002-03Gas RecreationTiptree MonarchsS Lewis
TMT2002-03Brooklands Res.AFC Pegasus Res.M Ainger
ABC2001-02AFC PegasusGas RecreationS Woods
CHMLC2001-02AFC PegasusRoyal LondonD Chinnery
EOCC2001-02Brooklands Res.EastgatesR Bowman
FMC2001-02BrooklandsBrightlingsea 1664S Woods
TMT2001-02AFC Pegasus Res.Rowhedge Athletic Res.G Ryder
ABC2000-01AFC PegasusBrooklandsD Brine
CHMLC2000-01AFC PegasusBrooklandsN Carlyle
EOCC2000-01AFC Pegasus Res.BlackhammerP Brook
FMC2000-01AFC PegasusRowhedge AthleticS Long
TMT2000-01Boxted Wanderers Res.Rowhedge Athletic Res.G Ryder
ABC1999-00AFC PegasusArenaD Brine
CHMLC1999-00BrooklandsAFC PegasusB Barton
EOCC1999-00AFC Pegasus Res.Foundry ArmsK Llewellyn
FMC1999-00Gas RecreationBrooklandsD Brine
TMT1999-00AFC Pegasus Res.Boxted Wanderers Res.T Conlon
ABC1998-99AFC Pegasus
CHMLC1998-99AFC PegasusBrooklandsP Staff
EOCC1998-99BrooklandsAFC Pegasus Res.G Brigden
FMC1998-99ArenaRoyal MortarJ Lodge
TMT1998-99AFC Pegasus Res.Boxted Res.A Penson
ABC1997-98Tiptree Monarchs
CHMLC1997-98Rowhedge AthleticLexden SaintsJ Farthing
EOCC1997-98MagdalenGlobeN Carlyle
FMC1997-98RiversideColchester ColtsR Harding
TMT1997-98AFC Pegasus Res.Rowhedge Athletic Res.P Staff
ABC1996-97Colchester Gaslights
CHMLC1996-97AFC PegasusColchester GaslightsM Gillian
EOCC1996-97SC KelvedonLexden SaintsJ Coward
FMC1996-97Colchester GaslightsCivil ServiceE Bowers
TMT1996-97Voyagers Res.AFC Pegasus Res.C Sturley
ABC1995-96Colchester Gaslights
CHMLC1995-96ArenaClarendonD Brine
EOCC1995-96Colchester ColtsGammaT Ripo
FMC1995-96Colchester GaslightsAFC PegasusD Woodrow
TMT1995-96AFC Pegasus Res.Tiptree Monarchs Res.J Farthing
ABC1994-95Colchester Gaslights
CHMLC1994-95Colchester GaslightsBergholtT Thacker
EOCC1994-95RiversideHighwoodsT Hart
FMC1994-95MercianAFC PegasusK Randall
TMT1994-95Tiptree Monarchs Res.Brick & Tile Res.G Mead
CHMLC1993-94Tiptree MonarchsAFC PegasusT Hart
EOCC1993-94FCBVoyagersD Brine
FMC1993-94ArenaTiptree MonarchsS Wilson
TMT1993-94Tiptree Monarchs Res.Tey Lion Athletic Res.N Caney
CHMLC1992-93Colchester GaslightsAFC PegasusD Beddoes
EOCC1992-93Bergholt HartCCSD Sutton
FMC1992-93AFC PegasusArenaS Furse
TMT1992-93Tey Lion Athletic Res.Boxted Res.R Cox
CHMLC1991-92AFC PegasusMistleyJ Braddock
EOCC1991-92Bergholt HartCCSN Roach
FMC1991-92Royal LondonAFC PegasusD Brine
TMT1991-92Rowhedge Res.Bramble Res.S Wilson
CHMLC1990-91AFC PegasusArenaK Randell
EOCC1990-91Colchester RangersReservoir RoversS Douglas
FMC1990-91Tiptree MonarchsArenaM Craig
TMT1990-91Tiptree Monarchs Res.Brick & Tile Res.J Coward
CHMLC1989-90Colchester GaslightsQ'sT Ripo
EOCC1989-90DynapertDrury Arms Res.R Lawrence
FMC1989-90Colchester GaslightsAFC PegasusT Thacker
TMT1989-90Tey Lion Athletic Res.Drury Arms Res.P Oakes
CHMLC1988-89Brantham ColtsDog & PheasantM Buy
EOCC1988-89Drury ArmsReservoir RoversM Craig
FMC1988-89Colchester GaslightsBrantham ColtsD Beddoes
TMT1988-89Newtown Rovers Res.Tey Lion Athletic Res.P Neville
CHMLC1987-88Brantham ColtsTey Lion AthleticT Thacker
EOCC1987-88Drury ArmsTey Lion Athletic Res.R Cox
FMC1987-88Dog & PheasantBrantham ColtsJ Braddock
TMT1987-88Newtown Rovers Res.Tey Lion Athletic Res.L Jeckells
CHMLC1986-87LexdenSFC BergholtD Duffet
EOCC1986-87GunnersDrury ArmsK Randall
FMC1986-87Competition declared void.
CHMLC1985-86Lexden SunColchester GaslightsN Coffey
EOCC1985-86GunnersSound AttenuatorsT Thacker
FMC1985-86Lexden SunBrantham ColtsA Gibbs
CHMLC1984-85Severalls AthleticColchester GaslightsP Evans
EOCC1984-85Lowland GunnersHighbury BarnK Wilkins
FMC1984-85Colchester GaslightsSilver OysterM Buy
CHMLC1983-84Colchester GaslightsSeveralls AthleticP Cracknell
EOCC1983-84Old Heath BellSound AttenuatorsD Beddoes
FMC1983-84Brantham ColtsColchester GaslightsP Healey
CHMLC1982-83Colchester GaslightsLexden SunP Andrews
EOCC1982-83Old Heath BellCivil ServiceL Wayland
FMC1982-83Lexden SunBourne WanderersS Douglas
CHMLC1981-82Colchester GaslightsRose & CrownP Andrews / K Pattle
EOCC1981-82GrapesLindseysJ Braddock
FMC1981-82TelecommsSilver OysterP Evans
CHMLC1980-81VagabondsSt MartinsT Beart
EOCC1980-81Greenstead SCDog & PheasantP Barham
FMC1980-81SeverallsVagabondsG Francis
CHMLC1979-80SeverallsMarquisR Cox
EOCC1979-80Elmstead Res.MistleyT Maidens
FMC1979-80Elmstead AthleticSeverallsP Cracknell
CHMLC1978-79Cambridge ArmsMolerK Pattle
EOCC1978-79Elmstead Res.FlagstaffG Potter
FMC1978-79MolerColchester GaslightsD Duffet
CHMLC1977-78Layer FoxElmstead AthleticR Knight
EOCC1977-78Rose & CrownElmstead Res.S R Douglas
FMC1977-78Elmstead AthleticPrettygateD Goodman
CHMLC1976-77Lord NelsonElmstead AthleticD Holland
EOCC1976-77LanghamMersea LegionnairesC Duthie
FMC1976-77Rose & CrownMonkwickP Andrews
CHMLC1975-76Live & Let LiveMoler RangersD McKillop
CHMLC1974-75Rose & CrownQB MonarchsC Hewitt
CHMLC1973-74The RecreationLive & Let LiveT Beort
CHMLC1972-73Live & Let LiveMonkwickD Gosling
CHMLC1971-72MonkwickBenficaD Barber
CHMLC1970-71BerechurchEight Ash GreenI Ponder
CHMLC1969-70The RecreationFire BrigadeP Healey
CHMLC1968-69PertweesHillsG S Lever
CHMLC1967-68Moler 'A'Belle VueRA Hewitt
CHMLC1966-67Salisbury 'A'Belle VueE.J Maidens
WCT2002BrooklandsAFC Pegasus Res.C Townes
WCT2000Rowhedge AthleticBrightlingseaD Brine
WCT1999Rowhedge AthleticSC KelvedonN Carlyle
WCT1998AFC PegasusColchester GaslightsE Osborne
WCT1998MagdalenBrooklandsJ McGill